Student Empowerment Through Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness

Manage life today. Create a positive future!

Guide Students Toward Success, Resilience, and Authenticity

Engaging SEL Curriculum with a Unique “Coach Approach”

Introducing Autonome – a pioneering program that seamlessly integrates Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) with mindfulness through a distinctive coaching approach. Through that interconnection and our unique use of coaching protocols, Autonome expertly guides students towards reaching their potential and desired future.  Empower personal development with Autonome!

Learn how Autonome brings a proactive approach to help students discover their strengths, manage life stressors, and create a growth mindset.

The Power of Autonome

“Coach Approach”

Uniquely incorporates coaching protocols into SEL to guide students towards reaching their immediate and future life goals.

Designed specifically for Teens and Young Adults

Purpose built to be authentic, original, and informative to meet your students where they are in their development.

Intentional Curriculum

This is skill-building. The Autonome program is sequenced and scaffolded with a direct approach to address the heightened emotional challenges of today.


Uniquely incorporates coaching protocols into SEL to guide students towards reaching their immediate and future life goals.

Easily Implemented into a Variety of School Settings

Autonome is unmatched in flexibility and ease of implementation. Make Autonome the SEL hub at your school!

Existing Courses

Incorporate Autonome’s lessons and activities into health, psychology, or physical education coursework to seamlessly promote the development of students' social and emotional skills.

Advisory Class

Create a curriculum that helps students build positive relationships, foster social and emotional skills, and provide support for their academic and personal growth.

In-School Counseling

Help students develop emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, and coping strategies that help them better manage their emotional and mental health.

Alternative Education Special Education

Alternative Education: Address the unique needs of students who don’t fit the traditional educational model with Autonome to promote academic success and wellbeing.
Special Education: Connect Autonome to special education to improve students’ social emotional skills, improve academic success, overcome challenges and promote wellbeing.

Freshman Seminar

Provide incoming students with the necessary tools and skills to help them navigate the transition from middle school to high school, including emotional regulation, goal setting, decision-making, and communication.

Home School/ Independent Study

Implement Autonome as a self-directed learning program that encourages students to develop self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness, which enhances their academic and personal growth.

After School Intervention

Provides students with a safe and supportive environment to learn and practice social and emotional skills that improve their academic performance and overall well-being.

School Wellness Center

Bring Autonome to your school wellness center to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach that supports students' social, emotional, and overall health.

Autonome is S.A.F.E.

Sequenced  • Active  • Focused on SEL  • Explicitly targets SEL skill development

What They Are Saying

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